Content Syndication Services (Marketing Qualified Leads/ MQL)

The first signs of research from a prospect's end is when they read content about your products and services. A typical buyers journey starts with research and every company would like to be in front of their Potential Buyers watchlist when they are Researching! Our content syndication services fill our clients with significant Marketing Qualified Leads. Moreover when the content is syndicated to your target accounts or accounts in your ABM bucket this yields in leads which can be further nurtured, engaged and converted further down the Funnel.


Drive more Engagement and Leads from your ABM Accounts.

Account Based Marketing Outreach means reaching out to the decision makers in your highly targeted accounts which are the Top accounts per your GTM & ICP. We assist with up to date contact information of Decision Makers in your Targeted Accounts so your ABM efforts are Maximised. Further we can also provide the names of Customers of your Competitors.

Step 1

Tell us about the kind of companies or provide us a list of company names. Our experienced sales folks are ready to provide inputs on targeting and Go To market.

Step 2

Tell us the job titles or business functions or customer persona’s that you want to target.

Step 3

Let us know the fields needed and we will find the perfect solution for you.


Right party
Right contact
Ready to speak

Add meetings to your sales executives calendar so sales can best concentrate on core selling and not prospecting.

We knock the right doors and open them for you, so you can concentrate on getting your products and services in front of the right audience. In our appointment generation services, we start with building a custom list according to your qualifying criteria as mentioned above. We then plan and execute a set of telephonic or personal meetings with the following criteria :- Right party, Right contact, Ready to speak.


We help you with finding the accounts that fit your TAM (Total Adressable Market) . This service is highly beneficial for Startups who want to raise funds and would like to know a list of Target accounts per their TAM.


With a team of experienced researchers, we profile the targeted accounts in depth and provide actionable insight and information for creating Market reports.


Our custom desk research helps you find all the information you need about a company, market, products or services by scanning the web and presenting the data in a clean format.


Our researchers will search for the right contacts as needed and provide the necessary information including their email addresses. We would also find your competitors clients and their contacts.



Our CRM cleansing solution enables you to have a database which is up-to-date and ensures the records are checked on a periodic basis so as to avoid the junk and relevant information is updated.


We keep your CRM up to date and remove redundant emails and replace them with right ones, in case people have moved the organization. This results in a clean and up to date CRM for Sales to prospect


We enrich your CRM with data of prospects for which there have been inbound enquiries. This lead to more valuable inputs for your sales team.

Enrich your CRM with current information.

If you have been using CRM for at least a year, you are bound to have obsolete data, bad email ids and other out-dated information. Our CRM enrichment services help you maintain the data in the CRM current which in turn gives a bird’s eye view for your sales folks thereby only helping them in the pursuit of Sales goals. We clean the data for you, update the obsolete information, verify and reverify the information at hand and maximize your ROI on the CRM investment.

About Intelicto

Since 2016 Intelicto is assisting Marketing , Sales and Demand Generation teams in the B2B space drive Leads, Deals and Revenue. In our short 6 years journey we have worked with over 150 B2B SaaS Companies, Enterprise Software Providers, Technology Services and Product Companies, IT Resellers and Partners , Publishers , Media Agencies and Consulting firms. Our clients are located in USA, Canada, South America, South East Asia and Australia.

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